Sunday, May 10, 2009

9 May, 2009 -- At the zoo

Aunt Sus and Oma took most of these photos today. Thanks!

While Randy and G'pa cut down the wind damaged trees behind the hangar,
Aunt Sus and Oma took LAD to the zoo in Springfield. I meandered between
WM, home and the airport, stacking brush, grocery shopping, spraying ants,
etc. We are wearing each other out! Still no power at the airport.

J & J & J & J tried to drive in to the new Branson Airport for the airshow. Too many people
trying to do the same, and they didn't get in. John and Hokie flew to Point Lookout, but
they couldn't get to the new Branson airport either; shuttle service was inadequate.
At least they got to fly today!

End of the day... Hi, Dad!!! Let's run races! Hi, G'pa!!! I can help!

Here I am, trying to cook (cough cough), and LAD has a new "camera"
(squirt squirt). Well, I do need to wash up some!

Hey, Dad!!! Let's wrestle!!! (Now, that's a classy photo, Sus!)

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