Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13 May, 2009 -- Magic show, blueberries, you name it

Breakfast on Monday morning. Tyler put on a magic show!

Fonda and Jan inspecting the craftsy stuff that Fonda brought home from NC.

LAD taking pics of Daddy & G'pa working.

I jumped in with Ben in the luscombe on Monday and got some aerials of May 8 wind damage.

Don & John. Trying to fly?

Finally finished planting the blueberries. Dig dig dig... I shouldn't have let the clay soil sit there around the holes so long. It was becoming permanent! Those little sprouts didn't have many roots, they might not make it. Maybe they will someday become big like the other blueberry plants. Planted the rest of my tomato seedlings. Ran out of potting soil just when I finished!

LAD wasn't going to be left behind when Mommy packed on the 11th. They didn't leave until the 12th, though.

10th - Mother's Day... Fonda had a surprise, so did I. Wearable bug from Grant & Devon & Sam & Cam & Ralph & Kelly. Sudoku puzzles & a little cookbook featuring beer bbq recipes. Roses from the "other Sam".

Fonda's Mother's Day... Roses, and flower gifts from LAD that he picked out himself. "Mama likes pink flowers!"

Little poinsettia is still putting out red leaves. And the flower garden's doing well, too.

Orchid doing well in west window. Tiny little bird shapes clustered on long stem,
have no fragrance at all, but surely are pretty, and they last for a week or more.

Juanita's night blooming cereus was her M-day surprise in the greenhouse.
I can smell it from here... it's very very fragrant! Bloom only lasts one night.

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