Friday, February 4, 2011

3 Feb., 2011 -- Running away from the snow

We left Mtn. Grove this morning with clear roads and not snowing,
destined for Little Rock (Flight Instructor Clinic).
Started snowing about 50 miles out, but it's only about an inch and it's very wet.
Now, this guy: do you suppose he came to Little Rock
to get away from winter?
Little Rock

My sister Caro sent me this email:

Gerry and I are holed up at Andy and Bruce's (Corpus Christi) Texas house. Of course we chose this week to leave the 70 degree (Arizona) desert to come here for UNUSUAL cold and sleet/rain/snow and temperatures of 28 degrees at night. The bouganvilla, hibiscus, rubber trees, and palm trees are all frozen solid! The palm leaves sound like pieces of wood clacking together! The wind has been bad, as well. Supposed to let up today, but Barb and Mark couldn't leave the Dallas area this morning because of 6 inches of snow and closed major highways. Hope they can get out of there later today!

We are playing cards and eating, eating, crabbing about the weather, eating, crabbing, eating, crabbing, so on and so on! Gerry and I will be here about a month, drifting around the area and sightseeing when the weather smartens up. The pictures of LAD and all the kids in the snow area great, but I don't envy you at all! Had enough of that in years past. Did a splat on the street in front of Andy's house this a.m. while walking the dog. Will have a big blue bruise on the behind! Glad no one saw it!

Love to you all, Carolyn, Gerry, Andy and de dogs

I get this poem every winter and I love re-reading it
It's a beautiful poem and very well written.
I thought it might be a comfort to you and could help warm things up.
A poem by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre

It's Cold!
The End.

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