Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1 Feb., 2011 -- We got a little, they got a lot

Tuesday, Feb., 1, 2011
Grant emailed me these photos of Jeff City. No groundhog showed up.

They closed our office at about 9:30 am, said not to come in, wasn't planning on it anyway... tomorrow we're open, and supposed to go in.

School was canceled even before it began snowing... while it was raining still... they've canceled tomorrow as well. Prob won't go Thursday either.

Skis would be handy right about now. I've shoveled the drive twice today. Every time I turned around, another inch had fallen. Probably make a tunnel thru that mountain of snow on the side of the drive, maybe a luge.

Devon and Kelly made snow-ice-cream tonight. it was good. not yellow.
(Iowa got a lot of snow, too)

On Saturday, end of January, Jeff City had lots of snow already!
Cam got into a snowball fight with his dad.

Samantha's supposed to be doing Karaoke at her 15th birthday party...
but she mostly just acted shy and let her friends do all the singing Friday night.

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