Sunday, August 23, 2009

22 Aug., 2009 -- Work (ok, it's flying); flowers (ok, it's work)

Bootheel this morning, clouds obeyed and stayed away.
These were more interesting than the usual test plots;
these canals run for miles down the center of the bootheel
into Arkansas.

Closer I got to home, the more clouds. Mtn. View is closed, excavation going on.

So, out mowing (the "work" part), there's this spike of yellow
where it shouldn't be, where I've mowed and sprayed before.
Oh, well... stop and smell the roses, you know.

They aren't roses, but they are bright, with such elegant leaves.

Now, I was out shooting the new moon, and noticed this busy spidey under our new roof.
So busy, just a blur. I wanted a Halloween pic with the spider against the bright moon, but it didn't work out. Use your imagination.

Sequence of the night blooming cereus! Just a bud... then a fat bud with a little flare...
then a fat blossom I wish you could smell it we could be in Hawaii...


J.D. said...

Don't guess I realized there were canals in Missouri. Do you happen to know what they are for?

Ma said...

Irrigation, I suppose, for rice fields.