Tuesday, August 25, 2009

25 Aug., 2009 -- Planning another photo mission

No traffic, no pictures today, I just worked on the MPA meeting minutes and photos.
So, here's a shot that I didn't use back on August 14, at Olney-Noble Airport in Illinois. I think this helicopter would be very hot to fly in the summertime!

Have a photo trip to the Boonville area tomorrow, if it isn't cloudy up there in the morning. Which it probably will be, as there is already sign of rain approaching KC tonight. So the trip might be Friday or Saturday. Oh, the bestest four days of the summer just slid by, and when do they call me??? at the tail end of the bestest of the bestest, and now there's weather again. sigh.

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J.D. said...

Looks like one of the choppers you see on MASH.