Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5 Aug., 2009 -- Just in case it rains...

"Just in case it rains..." Couldn't find his white sun hat, so we
went to WM for a replacement... and... "just in case it rains..."
And... LAD did remember that we parked in row 4, and that the
vehicle was purple, and no, it wasn't THAT purple one, it is THAT
purple one! He led me right back to the Suburban!

Later... "Look, G'ma, here's your prize! At the bottom of the bungee,
in the bucket!"

And the prize is still hanging there tonight, after LAD left the airport with the 4Js to go to Bible School, and stay all night. What an adventurous week!

Piper Warrior visiting local folks... all the way from Michigan!
See all those little kids? Suddenly, LAD became the boss, telling the kids to "stay away from the airplane... don't touch the tow bars, those are for pilots... don't go out there, you can't go out on the ramp... stay in the hangar, it's safe there". More or less. LAD's day of boredom and restrictions became a few minutes of "boss"! He will be an airport manager, following in the footsteps of his ancestors...

Fonda, you should have taken the D90 with you... it sat there, tempting me, and
when the sun set and the moon came up,,, well,,, "D90 D90 D90.... calling....."

Not UFOs, just the Air Evac heli heading for SGF.

Those hundred geese decided to make their rounds... and the great white heron sorta scooted out of the way. A little like a C150 when the 747s take the air... I'm outa-here!

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