Thursday, August 6, 2009

6 Aug., 2009 -- Trying to fly a helicopter

Well, it was a little winged thing that spins and sails out of your hand.
LAD was very intent on getting it to fly, and he did it a few times before it broke.

These are LAD's Bible School projects, and we haven't had time yet for him to describe them to me! Maybe Friday...
Jamie and Jared had to clean house today, so LAD came back to the airport and helped me run things. Mostly it was a few gallons of aviation fuel for a race car, some herbicide for weeds, (G'ma's chores) and Madagascar dvd (LAD's afternoon entertainment). No airplanes today.

Oh, yes... Ben flew the Luscombe at sundown... made a 3 point landing, left wheel landing, right wheel landing, both mains landing; practicing. He came by the house later, on his motorcycle, and discussed things with LAD (LAD was in the bathtub... pretty grubby!)

All the news you needed to know.


Susan said...

Notice LAD's ark has a cow boarding. Smart boy... save the cows.

Ma said...

LAD visited G'pa Allen's beef cows a couple of days ago... and came back with chiggers all over! (LAD claims they came from home... Iowa? Chiggers? Naaaaa)