Monday, May 25, 2009

25 May, 2009 -- Colorado kids on Memorial Day

Well, not kids any more! Ann Dee, my niece, Bruce & their kid Tyler drove from Glenwood Springs, Colorado yesterday... only took them about 16 hours. They are on their way to southeast MO to spend a few days with Ty's wife & baby, and her family. Ty's on leave from the Marines this week. It's so good to see them!

Rained off & on today.

Toadie took up residence in my flower/tomato garden... and two Brown Thrashers danced around in the driveway.


Fonda said...

Waaah, I wish we had gotten to see them too! Glad they were able to stop by. Is Ty's wife's family from SE MO? Cute toadie. We had a short rainbow here yesterday too, but no pic. The eye on those birds is eerie.

Ma said...

They might be back Friday on their way home. Katie is from Greenville, north of Poplar Bluff.
I sneaked up on the thrashers, around the house, and a robin showed up, too, but I couldn't get all three in focus. Yes, their eyes are "deer-in-the-headlights", aren't they?

Ma said...

I just noticed... look at all the parallel diagonal lines in that flag pictures. Horizon is slanted, that's wrong. But it works anyway.

Fonda said...

Power poles look pretty straight. Maybe it's a, a, a, optical illusion, yeah those words.!