Tuesday, May 26, 2009

26 May, 2009 -- New moon

It really is a color photo. Clouds finally blew away after a blustery day.
Larry & Juanita drove up from Arkansas today. We ate out. It was good.


Fonda said...

very sharp. what lens did you use? The telescope?

Ma said...

Nikon 70-300mm, effectively 450mm. Equivalent to your 500mm.
ISO 800, high, I'm surprised it's got so much detail at that iso. 1/40 second on shutter priority. Braced the D2x against the railing and held my breath. Image enlarged about 400 percent, just center of image. No sharpening. Reduced to 100 dpi for publishing. And it was hazy, too, with overcast drifting away to clear sky, but lots of humidity.
Sometime I get lucky. I should have shot a tif or nef. Maybe it would even be better!