Friday, September 4, 2009

4 Sept., 2009 -- Another bad air day

After catfish buffet and local music at the Junction Store, we meandered back to Mtn. Grove via the Denlow route gravel road. After a mile on ZZ pavement, we heard thump thump, and sure enough, bad air day! Today the front tire was relieved of a nail, and the rest of the tires were inspected, and reportedly ok. Curious, huh...

Then we discovered that the handy dandy floor hydraulic jack that I've been hauling around for five years doesn't get tall enough to raise the Suburban. So much for handy dandy, huh... (wrong... it gets tall enough, it just isn't strong enough to raise the truck).

So while the guys slaved with the regular jack, Juanita wandered off to smell the roses. Well, not roses, exactly, more like wild onions and goldenrod. Oh, well, close enough!
Then, to put more icing on the cake, the engine wouldn't start. Turns out the battery cables weren't making connection. Oh, such adventures we have. Good thing we weren't all dressed up!

Happy Birthday, Carolyn! I won't tell. You're now three years older than me, instead of two, and I'm still the younger. But you're probably wiser, though, right?

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