Monday, August 31, 2009

31 Aug., 2009 -- Having a good/bad air day

Starts out well; Keith brought the RV6, Randy delivered
the Ag Truck. This was a shuffle operation; Boone, Iowa to
Sedalia to Mtn. Grove.

Then, John goes out for a jaunt in the RV4.

But... on landing, ooooh, flat tire!

Hang on, Keith... there aren't any handholds, and lumpy things
to sit on! The rescue team heads out with the air tank.

Took three airing-ups to get the Zipper up to the hangar.
Tube troubles.

Keith and Randy head back to Iowa.

As long as we've got the air out, let's put some air in. Jan's
four were all low. Got the Suburban doctored, too.

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J.D. said...

Good to see that the old man's back in town.