Thursday, September 17, 2009

17 Sept., 2009 --The LAUNDRY room

So... Fonda chided me for putting LAD in the same outfit every other
day, doing laundry every day... no variety, he's got three drawers full and a stack
of britches... he doesn't need to keep wearing the same thing day after day...
Well, I might just quit doing laundry every day... at the bottom of the stairs
to the washer/dryer/thingies is ... THIS... I just noticed it tonight...

OMG... it's a RABBIT!!! scream scream... we're all gonna die!!!
no more laundry.

And honest to God, I did not set this up!
To top it all off, LAD wore a pair of britches today that
kept falling off. Soooo, back to Monday's outfit, or Tuesday's...

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