Thursday, September 17, 2009

17 Sept., 2009 -- Geocaching, and this is IOWA!

Geocaching... the great treasure hunt! Along a bike path in Huxley...

This was an easy one. The little pill bottle contains a notepad that has signatures of the people who have found it. The clue is "evergreen", and it's the only one in the area on the bike path.

Now, this is another challenge... I wish I had worn my hiking boots!

Uh oh, fork in the road... gps says go right... uphill... Hey, it's Iowa, about 900 feet elevation? No huffing & puffing allowed.

Don't forget to stop and smell the roses. Well, if there are no roses, at least sample the local color.

Like I said, this is IOWA.
Gorges in Iowa? How about a dry wash with a little mud?
Had to go down one side and up the other to find....

The clue said "don't give up, stick, to the hunt"

Well I found the "stick" that was obviously the clue, but I didn't find the cache, which was only big enough for a note, bring your own pencil or pen. I thought it might be in that hollow tree. The cache was hidden in May 2008, so it might not even be there any more.
The gps isn't exactly accurate, especially beneath a canopy of trees, but within 15 feet or so, and I've spent an hour and a half. Oh well, I'll hike back to the car and try to find another one.

This one was along another bike trail near Huxley, very easy to find, and full of dinosaurs and cars and stuff.
After signing the book, I traded trinkets... I left a bouncy ball and an Indian from the cowboys and Indians packet I'd bought at Dollar General, traded for a tiny pelican for LAD.

I searched for five caches, found two. Didn't get skunked, anyway.

LAD helped me finish putting water seal on the playground.

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