Thursday, August 20, 2009

20 Aug., 2009 -- Progress

Thought y'all would be getting bored with this building,
but noooo. So here is this morning's pic. There are more
throughout the day... but this day is gone! So you'll have to wait.
Working on my old pc, struggling with Picasa (nothing so fine
as Photoshop, that I know how to use!) so you only get one pic.
I even have helicopter and airplane pics from West Plains! Stand by.

We may have a new wildlife situation at the airport... this morning
about a dozen of the 100 or so geese that roam the area were munching
on the new seeding right out from the ramp area. I drove out there "honking"
and they honked and flew away. About an hour later, "honk honk" and three
were back. So I drove out there again "honking" and off they went.
I bought an air horn from the boating dept., and will try that next time.
I hope there's not a next time.
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