Sunday, August 16, 2009

15 Aug., 2009 -- Saturday, back to work at the airport

This morning, one night bloom was still awake! There were two blossoms overnight.

I found this fat fellow on the tomato plant. His three day feast was over, though.

Bill and Mark fueled up to go to West Memphis.

John came back from breakfast at Willow Springs. Wind gusts were picking up.

Ben and Zack tested the increasing gusty wind after Willow breakfast. They won.

Glasair in for fuel, from Texas to St. Louis. Keep an eye out, he might be back Sunday.

Back in the garden tonight...

This guy was a half an inch long last week... there must be SOMEthing to eat in that houseplant shelter.
Tonight, there are three night blooms open! And there are two more buds. Never had so many flowers on the plant before. I've been throwing rainwater at it all summer.

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