Saturday, June 20, 2009

19 June, 2009 -- Storms here and there

Fonda reported that major storm went through central Iowa this morning.
"We're in Story county, the 3rd picture is of a house in Slater but the tree was hollow and rotten, so it's not nearly so dramatic as it looks. However other trees in the area were totally uprooted by this storm. The video clip has the Slater house in it and interviews it's owner.
We didn't get much damage, we did have one 6 inch diameter limb break out of one of the walnut trees a day or two ago during a different storm, but other than that, mostly just sticks and leaves."

She sent this link to Des Moines tv. There are some good lightning photos.

We watched the trailing end of the same storm go through central Missouri, tonight, and it was a nice lightning show. Looks like it was following I44 and I70, from Nevada through Jeff City & on to the east. I took some time exposures, but they aren't as good as the Iowa lightning bolts. However, watching it from a distance is better than having it right overhead!

I like these cloud formations.

Randy washed the bugs off of the Ag Truck. Do you suppose it will still fly?

Trusses and lumber arrived for the new roof! John helps unload. The work crew is putting up hay, while the sun shines... Perhaps Monday... We might get a roof???

Red white and blue...

Looks like my ship is coming in! Actually, it's an ambulance heading out on the four-lane.

The bench... it's gonna be RED.

Visitation for Lynn Hurtt this evening. More than 800 folks signed the guest book.

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