Thursday, June 18, 2009

17 June, 2009 -- Just HAD to fly today

Just some farm aerials, nothing spectacular, but the sunset was nice, yellow and orange.
Felt good to be back in the air again after a month. Worked the bugs out of the cameras (one camera would only send a thumbnail image to the monitor, useless; that took half an hour as I wandered toward my target north of Mtn. Grove quite a way) and wireless trigger (batteries dead in a receiver on one camera; robbed a flash attachment in the camera bag; moral, always take ALL of your equipment that you can carry, and take fresh batteries, all flavors).
Got some real jobs coming up, and I always like to de-bug the systems before taking a passenger along; not very impressive if the stuff doesn't work, and it's usually something really simple that fails and makes me look like a dufus. Even if there isn't a passenger and I'm alone, I get really fussy with myself if I let dufus stow away on the ride.

I'm painting the old bench "barn red". It's looking better!
So far I've painted the underside and the seat slats. That is one complicated piece of furniture!

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