Friday, July 15, 2016

2016 July 15th + 20th -- I SAID ! ! ! Happy Birthday

I'm only gonna do this once. This year.
In 1968, I had so many chigger bites from the blackberry pickin' with Grandma Katherine Newhouse and Great Grandma Maude Fuller, waiting for Fonzie to be born. Grandmas and Grandpa Thad Newhouse were from dry climates (Colorado, Nevada), and we were innocent of the critters here. When Fonzie arrived Monday 4 pm in Springfield, MO after Grands went home to Denver, I should have named her "Chigger". Her Daddie named her Fonda. (I don't think he ever had a chigger bite. I got them all). We were at Cindy & Larry's appt, folding laundry, when it finally started.
Then, two years later, again on Monday, Grack surprised us at 4 am, and at 6 he howled from the Houston, MO hospital. No chiggers this time, just that mad dash 40 miles to the hospital.
M y  Na me  iss G R A CC KK!
Monday's child is fair of face... and all those other things.

It's all over. I ate the cookies. I love you both. Don't know why, but I do! Ma

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