Friday, February 22, 2013

21 Feb. 2013 -- Still for the birds

Once again, it's 20 degrees, this time with freezing rain and snow. Not much, though. Just enough to send the birds on a feeding frenzy. Hey, it's still winter. Wind is blowing. No whining.
Hiding from the wind.

On the way to Jacksonville to Lloyd's CFI renewal. I think we'll go right.

Winding like the passes of Colorado... but, hey... it's the South! No snow!

Air Force Base at Jacksonville, AR, just north of Little Rock.

And I thought Missouri had rocks.

Guess their mascot. You only get one guess.

Near Batesville. Most drivers don't really believe it until halfway into the turn.

We both, at the same time "without the trees, it would have fallen in years ago"
Like this one!

Highway Department spared this site, when building the 4-lane.

Mammoth Springs, don't ya know that's COLD!

Dipping. Yeah, that's COLD. Mammoth Springs, MO at Thayer.

This new blog layout is strange. I can't move these photos up to the top.

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