Monday, March 26, 2012

26 March, 2012 -- First Dogwood and more

First Dogwood!
Looks like this grand dogwood is fading away, leaves are shriveling up and the blossoms are small. I have seen this one with huge beautiful pink blossoms, so I was disappointed when I hunted it up for this season's portrait out at the Cedar Center in Mountain Grove.
But nearby, Old Glory was just... glorious!

More firsts?
Tiny flowers, first sign of spring, in the woods near Jefferson City, found while geocaching with Cam yesterday.
First bullfrog! I know this is the first one, 'cause you won't have one in Iowa or Colorado yet; haha. He's just come out of hibernation, and didn't even try to get away when I sneaked up on him, must still be cold and sluggish. The pond is rising with the 5 inches of rain last week. Maybe I'll go fishing tomorrow... and then I'll get the First Fish!

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