Saturday, July 9, 2011

9 July, 2011 -- Formations

John was a flight of one RV this morning, heading for Willow Springs to the EAA meeting and breakfast.
Then Roy and Steve's formation of tractors and clanking machinery did their dusty dance.

Randy and Nathan took off for Marshall to spray corn on Tuesday, after the great "motor home mix trailer van car dolly VW truck boss pilot driver" shuffle. It's always a formation dance.

The day before that, a flight of five home built RVs buzzed in from Oregon, spent the night, and buzzed out on their way to Florida.

Everybody was in formation this week!

I found this nest out in the pasture in some leftover hay after the crew had cut and baled. I was hoping it was a quail nest, but quail eggs are more creamy to brownish, not quite so white. A couple of days later, the eggs were hatched, nest abandoned, covey of five meadowlarks had taken flight.

Butterfly persisted in feeding on the sack of cat food, and Bitty tried to get it, but she missed.

Even the lightning storm last week echoed the formation theme, marching two by two across the horizon.

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