Friday, July 1, 2011

1 July, 2011 -- Warming up

Before the day gets too hot, Diane warms up by trimming and thinning the iris beds in front of the old rock jail. Hmmm, why, you ask? Because it's the annual alumni July 4 weekend Mtn. Grove class reunion, and we're having a photo show, that's why!
The old rock jail is the History and Arts Center, and it's going to be on the National Register of Historic Places.
This is how it looked before we started hanging all the photos that were brought in today. Watch tomorrow for the update!
Cleaning, putting, moving; there are no cooking tools in that apron. Pliers, hammer, screw driver... Hey, Diane, ya got a pair of scissors? Well, of course!
Looks easy, doesn't it?
Well, it ain't. It was a 10 hour day.
Tomorrow is the parade, featuring the class of 1961, 50th year (my year, but in Colorado), and class of 1986, 25th year (for Fonda) in Mtn. Grove.

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