Thursday, June 9, 2011

9 June, 2011 - Are we there yet?

Headed for Murray, KY to pick up granddaughter at summer camp.
Southeast of Sikeston, this is where the bootheel is glued to Missouri.
Usually planted in corn, it was flooded to save the town of Cairo, IL.

I thought of the Tin Man.
No, it wasn't a tornado.
Are we there yet?
A sign said, "road ends in water".
About every half hour. Or so.

That's the captain and Brandon the deck hand. It cost $14 to ride. Saved me about a hundred miles. $7 return ticket, no time limit.
Hickman, KY, the far side.
The old downtown is
protected by this huge levee. Well, almost protected.

The back side of the 1914 jail
is what drew me down the street into the old downtown area.

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