Saturday, September 4, 2010

4 Sept., 2010 -- Mine older seester ees sebendy today

Happy birthday, Carolyn!

Our usual get-up, except there are no stick horses or cap guns! (showing).
In Glenwood Springs, Colorado, just up the street from the
Hotel Colorado and the Hot Springs Pool, Doc Holiday's hangout.

A rare picture of us... in dresses! Usually we were
fighting over who got to be Roy Rogers or Gene Autry!

Grandpa Henry (my namesake), me & Carolyn,
cousin Carol Ann, in Aspen, 1950 or 51.
Caro in Henderson, NV in 1946.

Grandma Maude, big seester Barbara, Daddy mugging in the
window. Carolyn mugging, me in my usual boots & overalls.
Notice the forward opening rear door... Caro says it's a 1938 Buick,
in which we moved from Vegas to Glenwood Springs, Colorado.
"Remember us using the big fat fenders for horses, with ropes
tied to the park lights that were on top of the fenders?"
(I thought it was a Nash Rambler. The front seats laid back making
a floor for a bed.) No motel, ever! Camped out, or stayed with uncles & aunts,
summer vacations to Las Vegas, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming, all over the west.

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