Tuesday, December 21, 2010

21 Dec., 2010 -- Another cloudy day on the prairie

This guy was sitting on a neighborhood lawn, waiting for his night to go to work.
 A very nice city park!

 Everything... and I mean everything... has this name on it. Buildings, streets, gas stations, hotels; It has to do with Bartlesville's major industry.

 Local Bartlesville airport still has that hill behind it.

 Now, THAT'S a KEYBOARD! Mac or PC?
 We grandparents discussed this a few days ago... should we get one of these for LAD? (Not the trumpet)

 Ipod and I-tunes, eat your heart out! Don't ya just love those old record players...

 Well, some things hardly ever change. If you don't know what this is for, don't ask.

 I remember my dad using one of these! Hey, I can still remember!

 I shot some photos today, although I wore a different hat.
Hooray for digital.
Geocaching on Wesleyan College Campus, it's very pretty.
 Park bench, tiled, very ornate.
 Yes, there is a cache in the center of this picture. Nice camouflage, it took me about a half hour to spot it.
Left a scorpion to keep these two buddies company.


Fonda said...

I can't believe you left that smiley faced bobber. NO NO NO drums.

Ma said...

Bu bu bu but ... but... why not?