Tuesday, December 14, 2010

13 Dec., 2010 -- We got wind and window flowers

We got wind and frost. However, Iowa was blessed with that good old real stuff!
Our turn will come. But this time, the double paned insulated windows kept most of it out, except for the cold wind that came through the electrical outlets and the vent over the stove. Forty mile an hour wind just goes where it wants!

It's getting closer... Christmas cactus is almost ready to bloom. A receptionist at St. John's Clinic in Springfield unloaded her office-patient donations on me back in February, how could I deny, since her office is in the basement of the building, no windows (like Fonda's office in Ames). When it bursts forth I will deliver it back to her for awhile! And from Arkansas, and just to defy the cold season, Juanita's jewel orchid is about to pop, too.

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