Monday, November 22, 2010

22 Nov., 2010 -- Shuffle, work, dig with the big dogs

Randy and LAD showed up to help Lloyd work on the planes, shuffle them from one hangar to another.

The yellow one's running, the blue one's not. There's that prop again, this time shot with a Blackberry. I gave up on the glitchy Samsung Android after fighting with two of them, and went back to the BB. (Those two phones were haunted, had gremlins doing things all by themselves, didn't need a human to push buttons).

Lad got a ride, at least a taxi ride, when Dad tested out the engine on the Archer.

Working with the big dogs! Checking for bugs and mice.

Hauled some gravel to the potholes in the driveway. Work just never ends around here! Well, sometimes we do a puzzle for fun.

First sign of winter... line of thunderstorms moved through tonight, and it's a good thing the temperature was 50 degrees, or these little pellets might have been golf balls! Lasted about 5 minutes, like a bucket dump.

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