Thursday, October 21, 2010

20 Oct., 2010 -- Flying today, and it was good

Flew all the way to Norwood today! That's about 10 miles! Took a passenger, high school senior, who wants to be an aviator. Here's Kat's high school.

It was a bit bumpy when we lifted off. However, Kat took the bumps, and the little "semi-sorta-notstraightandlevel maneuvers" really well. I am very impressed with this gal; she endured her first small airplane ride in the back seat. We went a mile up, shot pics of her homeland at Norwood, and cruised around over the fall folliage. I think she will find her career in the airplane world, as she's looking into a military career. She might be aiming toward becoming a mechanic. And she got to see the aerial photography setup in action, and that's a rarity, isn't it?

Now, this is one homely airplane that came in for fuel today. It's built at Mexico, MO, a Zenith. It's very adept at its job, short field landing & take-off. Looks like fun! Light Sport category.

Yesterday, when we had some clouds.

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