Monday, October 4, 2010

2 Oct., 2010 -- Oz Fest in Willow Springs

Our Flight Simulator was a big hit at Oz Fest in Willow Springs on Saturday.
The Witchie Woman rode out some 18 mph gusts, but managed to keep flying.

Phyllis was the first one of the day to get painted by my friend Gail. Gail decorated forty kids!

The little kids didn't seem to ham it up in the costume contest. But, ahem, as a judge, I really liked this tin man with his ductwork arms, even if he was scared stiff up on stage!

How long has it been since you've seen hula hoops?

Dancing all day... all ages!

Ice cream eating contest, no hands allowed.

My friend Renee; we worked together way back when at the newspaper in Mtn. Grove. She's now the driver examiner for the Highway Patrol, and man is she impressive in uniform! And yes, she's a natural blond, but not one you'd make jokes about!

This guy was preparing a cross-cut saw for a contest.

Good ole American down home celebration for everybody.

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