Friday, August 20, 2010

20 Aug., 2010 -- What's that wet stuff???

Well, Iowa isn't the only place that gets rain. We got an inch, and that was a dumper bucketfull in about 10 minutes.
Since July 11, the fruit station north of town has gotten less than an inch. And we on the south side of town have gotten less than that.
I opened the door to get a photo, and got drenched. I didn't mind that at all.

He's adorable! Can I keep him? He's not as adorable as LAD's, but I'll bet he's fatter.

Gauge-guard. This dude wouldn't let me empty the rain gauge.

Oh, Fonda... you're gonna have fun with this stuff. Came out of the Darter attic in Atkins.
Larry and Juanita brought it up, drove through all that awful rain today, and some of it got wet, so it's de-humidifying, waiting for ya.

Hmm, I thought Bill got his prop fixed... He beat it out of town at noon, just ahead of the downpour.

City "cleared" the cedars out of the fence on RW 08 this morning.
Hmmm, I guess they quit before finishing. After all, there was a storm coming.


Fonda said...

Your toad is more java-ish, that's for sure. He looks less worried about getting the heck away from you, ours was ready to BOLT.
Oh, be still my heart, look at that vintage stuff.

Fonda said...

Is it Java or Jaba?

Ma said...

I outran him. Of course, he's been feasting on crickets, so he wasn't very speedy.
Yes, you'll be drinking lots of java while going through this family's lifetime collection.