Sunday, June 27, 2010

27 June, 2010 -- the ag shuffle

It should be a soap opera... First You, tow the van with the suburban 4 hours to Marshall ... You there, pilot, you fly the ag plane to Marshall ... 'Nother You up there in Iowa, you drive 4 hours to Marshall pick up the pilot and drive him 4 hours back to Iowa so he can fly the other ag plane to Marshall. First you, when you get back to Grove with the Suburban in 4 hours, the boss can leave with the motor home towing the mix trailer for 4 or 5 hours to Marshall. Never mind that the wind blew like mad all day making a tail-wag-the-dog trip for the you in the suburban, or that the pilot had to return to Grove to make a repair to the airplane and start out again, or that there were rain squalls all day, or that "junior you" had to play on the McDonald's playground, or that it would be after dark for the boss in the motor home and that the thunderstorms were growing along his route... Never mind all that... There is no plan B.
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