Monday, May 31, 2010

30 May, 2010 -- Grant's family vacation, 1 and 2

It's Sunday night, Comfort Inn in Twin Falls, ID.
We have seen so much, well, the ones with their heads up looking around have, anyway.
Yesterday we went thru most of Nebraska, pretty, and stayed in Kimball, NE.

Today, we crossed over into Wyoming and took a scenic route that cost us about 2 extra hours on the day, but it was worth it. The pass had JUST opened, they had just plowed away the snow from the route.
The rest of Wyoming was scrub brush and some mountains in the distance and rolling hills, but mostly flat. We took I80.
Utah was pretty, mountains, Salt Lake from a distance, finally found a spoon (collectible). Idaho stinks... literally.
Idaho, Oregon and Washington tomorrow. We're staying in Sequim, WA.

Ralph, Samantha and Cameron in the outdoor photos.
In the interior photos, everyone has a weird traveling syndrome: Grant with alien-eye, Dev with paws-book, Cam with Spock-ears, Samantha with ring-arm, Ralph with PB-thumb (I hope that's peanut butter!).

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