Tuesday, December 8, 2009

8 Dec., 2009 - Oh, bull... no bull.

Bull from the east invades middle ground. Runs out on road,
gets chased back into middle ground, and sent home.
Uphill both ways, barefoot, in annoying cold rain.

Bull from the east hears bellowing from bull from the west.
Bull from the east crosses middle ground again, faces off
with bull from the west. Huff huff.

Oh, come on, boys. Is all this noise really necessary?

Bull from the east gets chased home again.
Bull from the west wanders away to nibble on grass with
his girlfriends, who are not very impressed with the whole thing.

Juanita sent me frost flowers from Arkansas.
The moisture in stems of weeds freezes and bursts through,
making ribbons. Aren't they wonderful!


Granny Orchid said...

The Bull looks like a Buffalo.
Thanks for posting my flowers. I found another flower to love that I never knew existed.

Whitehills said...

Those flowers are very cool

Fonda said...

That B&W bull better go home, he doesn't stand a chance with Big Red, makes him look puney! Those flowers are interesting, never seen anything quite like that before.

Ma said...

B&W bull from the east also has a puny voice, compared to Mr. West. After nosing each other for a few minutes, they quieted down. B&W wasn't much of a threat, even though he has horns. (carefully chosen words)