Wednesday, May 6, 2009

6 May, 2009 -- Mudder

This morning LAD practiced on his bike at the airport.
Hey, dig those fancy biking gloves!
(Batting gloves, smallest ones I could find).

Ah, the skateboard. Man, he's gonna wear out the knees in his jeans!

This afternoon, he helped me move roofing sheet metal out of the hay field. Then he got distracted by a mud puddle. Whodathunkit. He went through three pairs of britches today
(and two hats)!

Man on a mission. He never goes anywhere without his bug trap and fishin' pole.
Hey, that's a respectable amount of mud on his jeans.
Check out his mamma's & Uncle Grant's mudders from 1974.
I think LAD needs some more practice! Grant was 4, Fonda (mommy) was 6. (now LAD's 3.5)

Fonda would jump on her end and try to dump Grant into the mud.
Or she would jump off of her end and Grant would stumble into the mud.
Or they would just jump teeter-totter and splash mud everywhere.
The geese were always after Grant's belly button! LAD's life is so simple.
These are my almost-most favorite pictures of these two.

Robins were upset. They built their nest on top of the back porch light.
I had to use a mirror to look in. How come bluebirds lay brown speckled eggs,
and robins lay blue eggs? They sure are pretty!


Fonda said...

Looks like he's having a blast. I brought plenty of clothes, so hopefully you won't have to do too much laundry!!! Miss you guys!

Ma said...

I do laundry every day. Nothin' new.
Mud dried up today, just plain dirt to shovel and mix up. Might get those blueberries planted yet!