Sunday, December 13, 2009

Project 1

Copying a boxfull of vhs tapes. Then another pile of video 8mm tapes. Have to borrow 8mm video cam for that part of the project. Also trying to make a dvd movie from digital video tapes, but the computers don't want to cooperate.
Frustration abounds in multitudinous quantities and I'm about to throw a stomping fit.
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Fonda said...

yeah, i guess 3 is enough.

Ma said...

This image illustrates the 2nd and 3rd projects. The 1st is making a movie for the Junction Store Friday Night Catfish Buffet. The computers are refusing to render big digital dv files shot with the movie camera. Gets to the very end of about an hour and says "ding" "can't make movie" click. It even shuts down my laptop! I figured a workaround, isn't what I intended it to be, but I WON.