Sunday, November 29, 2009

29 Nov., 2009 -- Thanks, y'all

Gloom, despair... and agony on me (from an older-than-me friend)

The horseradish/onion dip is delish. and the skyy's the limit.
No goom, despair or agony here!

Samantha made this one

It's been a great day!

Juanita and I went geocaching, then met up with Grant, Dev, Sam and Cam
and went to lunch. After that we went antiquing, and geocaching again!
Treasures all day long.

This was a "micro", Juanita spotted it "sticking out like a
sore thumb". It was wet inside, so we turned up the heater
and dried it out. Everybody who signs the logs has a code name.
Some of them are quite funny.

This next cache wasn't intended for short people! But Juanita dug
it out anyway. We took a travel bug rooster, and left the
travel bug elephant that I had picked up in Las Vegas, and
a little deck of playing cards.

Cam took the string of "bling", and we left
the travel bug rooster, and a sling shot airplane.

Cameron got busy with mathmania while the rest of us
roamed through the goodies in the antique mall.

Samantha found a tractor she just couldn't
live without. It's a little small, don'tchathink?

B & W tv... does double duty as a monitor for the parking lot.
Those're our rigs out front!

I don't think this MANnequin is wearing the right outfit.
Sure caught our attention, though.

Now, THAT's a pair of readers!

Bread dough maker. Grant wants it!

Elaborate tractor with bearings for wheels. Smooth!

If I didn't already have one, I'da picked this up.

If I didn't already have one...
This is cast iron. What about cold weather...
This is probably the most exotic, unusual thing
I've ever seen, anywhere.
Except for maybe this.


grack said...

You didn't mention how Samantha got in trouble, Samantha got in trouble for riding the $250 tractor around the store!

Ma said...

Well, girls will be girls.

SamJae said...

I didn't get in trouble!.... the lady just yelled at me at the top of her lungs, thats all.

Ma said...

Well, she probably didn't think you had $250.