Sunday, July 5, 2009

4 July, 2009 -- Fireworks

Shoot for the moon! (composite of four photos, a little "moonwriting").

These were city fireworks.

Neighbors on their pond bank. I couldn't figure out that green thing, it was an out-of-focus blob in some of the pics... a light stick around the kid's neck. I used the 300 mm lens, and had to enlarge quite a bit, they were about 500 feet away. Sort of Halloweenish, I did quite a bit of playing around with the time exposures, and zooming and wiggling the camera, some are straight anchored shots.

Vehicle headlights and taillights leaving the area, just a jiggly time exposure.

OK, Fonda... let's see what you shot on the fourth!

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Diane said...

these are gorgeous photos