Sunday, July 12, 2009

12 July, 2009 -- JT & Kim

At the great social meeting place, visited with JT and Kim, Jan and Jamie and Jared.
JT is in the Army, pilots those unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, and is home for a short visit before deployment again. He's a sergeant now.
Once upon a time JT would stay at the airport with us, sleep on the floor under the kitchen table (it was a little place). He had a few adventures with me in Toby, the Aeronca Chief, and he and Roy went with me to Harrison, AR for the airshow in the Archer.
Happy Anniversary, JT & Kim!
One year July 4.


Dee said...

That's my baby! Turned out to be a good looking man. We are so proud! Miss them both so much.

Thanks for the BLOG!

Ma said...

I forgot to mention: when the guys are pre-flighting and getting the UAV ready for flight, JT is rearing back, commanding, "Hey, don't touch that! You don't know squat about flying! Get away from there! That won't work!"
AND, JT's got a pilot in the family, so he's got the edge!

Dee said...

You got that right - that's why he has so many flight hours. Nobody can do it right, so he just takes over!!! Wonder where he gets that from?