Tuesday, June 23, 2009

22 June, 2009 -- ok, June 23 -- Another project

FOR TODAY 22 June, 2009 - Fonda's page with links to this:

Outside my window... Moths, mosquitos, and bugs wanting to get inside to the light, and two night blooming cereus blossoms that I almost missed seeing in the houseplant garden on the far side of the deck.

I am thinking... I wish these blooms would last more than one night.
I am thankful for... all those ants are on the flowers outside, and not in the house!
From the kitchen... what's a kitchen?
I am wearing... oversize T-shirt with airplane on it.
I am creating... my weblog, 335asthecrowflies.blogspot.com
I am going... flying and taking aerial photographs of corn fields tomorrow (oh, it IS tomorrow).
I am reading... The Birth Order Book, again.
I am hoping... The sun will shine tomorrow, and it won't be too hot at 3500 feet above the ground.
I am hearing... the Western Channel, Gene Autry, and two guys snoring.
Around the house... Outside, bamboo poles that I cut for Fonda, (Randy will deliver them to Iowa tomorrow), and mosquitos in my hair when I went out with the flashlight to take the flower pics.

Inside the house, air conditioning!
One of my favorite things... Taking pictures of corn fields from the air!
A few plans for the rest of the week: Working on those photos, and watching the hangar roof being built at last, it's been 7 weeks since it blew off.
Here is picture thought I am sharing... Night Blooming Cereus, it will be wilted in the morning. Sure smells good, like an orchid.


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