Friday, May 22, 2009

21 May, 2009 -- MO Pilots' Assn. meeting

Our Missouri Pilots Assn. members gathered at the EAA hangar in Willow Springs this evening, and it was really nice outside. Steve spins some tall tales for Sharon and the group.

Ray accepts the Wings traveling trophy from President Mike. We're the only chapter on it for the last five years. There are 10 more spaces to go, so get your Wings, aviators, and don't wait for March 31 to make it year 6! Ray will get pushy, and I guess that's what we need.
Notice that the old MO Mule logo is still on the plaque. We've kept the same image for our chapter, even though the State assn. has changed. We like the Mule!

Election night... Jerry takes the helm as president for 09-10.

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